Origins and history

Radio Maria Malawi

Radio Maria Malawi became operational on 24th August, 1999. We are called Radio Maria: a Christian voice in your home (Liwu la ChiKhristu M’nyumba Mwanu). It is one of the recently established non-commercial and non-profit-making community religious broadcasting radio stations. We are operating from the Catholic Diocese of Mangochi with our main studios in the precincts of St John the Baptist Campus which is some 15 kilometers south-west of Mangochi town.

We broadcast religious and social programmes 24 hours a day. There is no doubt that all our programs, although in different ways, announce the Word of the Lord. The spirit of Radio Maria is fully grasped in its simple definition of a religiously-inspired community broadcasting station. The primary language used for broadcasting is Chichewa/Chinyanja, the national language ofMalawi. Few other programs are in Chiyao and Chitumbuka. These are the three prevalent languages within the radio’s catchment area. English programs will be introduced in due course.

Current track